Tim Eggebraaten

Road to Recovery!

In October, 2014 I ruptured my left bicep tendon during training for the police department. It wasn’t discovered that it was ruptured until January, 2015 when I had an MRI because it just wasn’t healing. I had my first surgery on January 27th and ruptured it again a few days after that surgery. My second surgery was on February 6th.

I have been playing guitar for about 28 years and I have never gone more than a week without playing my guitar – until now… I went 6 weeks without playing and it really made me appreciate the use of two good arms, hands, feet, eyes, etc. I think that we can become complacent and not realize or appreciate what we have until something is threatened or taken away from us. I did two gigs last week and I relished both of them. I have always enjoyed playing but, as I look forward to a busy summer of entertaining, I am even more excited to play and share my joy of playing music! I have always said that the people bring the fun and I get the opportunity to provide a soundtrack to their event!

Thanks for checking out this web page and this blog. I will be adding to it regularly!



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